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Two Measures Foolish:

Foolish to God for we sin.

Foolish to the world for the cross.

We believe we are Two Measures Foolish: foolish by the world’s standards because we are Christian and foolish by God’s standards because we continue to sin.

We enjoy, more than anything, chewing the meat of God’s word: like wine, its sweet to the taste and bitter to the stomach. Wisdom comes with much vexation of spirit, and so we have foolishly invited suffering into our lives via our persistent sin so that we may gain understanding from our sorrow.

Thank God that His grace is sufficient for us, lest we fall into despair from the thorns in our flesh! Who can save this body of death?

If you think you are wise, then we beg you to join us in becoming a fool so that you too can become wise.

We invite you to share with us your folly, your wisdom, and your sorrow: your musings and comments are valued. Share your comments on our Facebook page or email us.

Express your heart and sharpen your iron against one another. Let’s build each other up find and God’s enlightenment together.

To understand our perspectives a bit more, check the [archive]. If you would like to understand our personal history, check out our About Us page.

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