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Two Measures Foolish: Foolish to God for we sin. – Foolish to the world for the cross.

Here is the BIO of Each of These Authors

Randy Williams

My name is Randolph Williams and I was raised in the mountains of rural Appalachia. 

I was the son of a Methodist pastor would fit the category of circuit rider, meaning that he would have multiple small churches.

His record was, I believe, 5 or 6 church’s in Junior, WV.

He would have been described more Baptist than Methodist, but the benefit to me was excellent exposure to the Bible scriptures.

We moved a lot over the years, but I considered my mother’s family home in Lost Creek, WV our real home.

My grandparents offered stability, safety and consistency in the midst of ministry work.

I believe I came to saving faith in Christ when I was in the 6th grade.

I didn’t fully understand salvation in Christ or the workings of the cross but I didn’t respond to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

It was later in my senior year in High School that I came to an intellectual understanding of Christs work on my behalf.

My journey is to seek, ask and knock.

I desire is to love God with all my heart, soul and mind.

I will share from time to time what God allows me to see and understand.

John Tarr

I was an atheist until I was 30 years old. A nasty, verbally abusive, atheist. Because of childhood issues growing up in a German Catholic family and abusive Catholic grade school I turned away from anything remotely having to do with God and Jesus Christ.

I found myself alone and isolated in Oregon far from anyone I knew in the spring of 1982 just before my 30th birthday, and after divorcing my wife and leaving my three sons behind in Arizona. My anger issues came to the surface with a vengeance. I was mad at everything and everyone and depressed at my sorry state of affairs.

I was reintroduced to Jesus in a small church at the Applegate Christian Fellowship high in the mountains not far from Medford, Oregon. This was not the Jesus that I grew up with as a kid. The preacher told me about someone very different from what my parents exhibited and what had been taught to me in Catholic Church and catechism class. This was a man of forgiveness and not punishment. Deep inside I wanted to know more.

Eventually I found myself reunited with my family back in Arizona with everyone wanting to know what I had found. We located a small church in our town and everyone found a home that we all connected with. I was very happy with the changes the Lord had and was making in my life and the lives of my family.

I still had many questions about the Bible and this God I had found. I loved science and studying the things in our natural world since I was a kid. Evolution was my god before I became a Christian and how old the universe was. These and many other questions I had but was never fully answered but was told by the church I attended that those questions were not something to look at real deeply because the Bible said something different.

The answers for these questions made me feel less than a Christian…

…for even asking them and when I did venture out to ask, I was made to feel like I was asking questions that boarded on heresy. 

Deep in my conscious mind I would ask “If I can not believe what the Bible said about how the universe came into being and how old it was in Genesis; how could I believe the rest of this book?”

I began to slowly slide out of my Christian faith. I needed the answers to have confidence in this faith but I could not find them in the Christian world or so I thought. My anger issues returned and so did many of my past behaviors. I was miserable once again.

I discovered Christian Apologetics and soon found I was not the only one that was searching for the answers to some of the deepest questions that has haunted mankind since the beginning. Can science and God connect in a way that made sense? Am I reading the Bible correctly or are there different ways to understand what is being said?

I soon realized that there was another whole Christian culture that was investigating these profound truths.

Christian Theologians that understood ancient Hebrew and Greek that said some words that were interpreted in many conservative churches was not the most accurate. Many words had multiple meanings. The King James Bible did not always get it right.

I began listening to and following debates by Christian Apologetics like Dr. William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel and John Lennox and organizations like ‘Cross Examined’ by Dr. Frank Turek and ‘Cold Case Christianity’ with J. Warner Wallace. This is only a small list. There are many others that are involved in the thought provoking area of Christian Apologetics.

Many of my questions were answered but if not, these people did not make me feel like I was a heretic for asking them. Science and the Bible could live side by side. I found I was an old earther, meaning that the universe was 13.8 billion years old and not a young earther that believes the universe is only six thousand years old that many conservative churches portray as biblical fact. It’s not anywhere near a fact.

I felt that a weight had been taken off my shoulders and I could pursue different questions. I soon found my belief in evolution was misplaced. I discovered that many scientists today have real reservations for Darwinian evolution and many outright reject it. Dr. Steven Meyer’s of the Discovery Institute and his books ‘Darwin’s Doubt’ and ‘Signature of The Cell’ were written by a scientist explaining these problems. The later book has caused a storm of controversy in the scientific world that Christians need to look at.

Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross of ‘Reasons to Believe’ is also someone I follow very closely. In fact, I also attended a local ‘Reasons to Believe’ group once a month in my hometown.

It feels good to be around others that are seeking God in such an opened minded way and I want to answer the hardest questions of ‘why we are here’. I want to explore God and all He has made and not feel that is wrong to do so.

To me it’s an act of worship to search Gods creation and study how He designed and made things the way He did. The universe and all that is in it is another way God has revealed Himself to mankind. It is the privilege of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kinds to seek it out.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19

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