Greatest Thing About Being a Christian

This was written primarily from the point of view of a single man, never married. God saw that Adam needed a mate, a union of oneness. Of course, from the revelation of Christ, we see the ultimate fulfillment of this idea.

There are many lonely people in the world. Those who never met a soul mate, never married, divorced folks, even broken families, parents who haven’t hear from their children in years.

Thankfully there are many strong Christian unions.

But the very fact that the idea of a Disney fairy tale exists, the idea of finding that perfect soul mate humans have the need and desire to connect on a deeper level. Ultimately, none of us who trust in Christ will be deprived of that gift.

“Bless and affectionately praise the Lord, O my soul. And all that is deep within me, bless His holy name.” Psalms 103:1

I think the greatest thing about being a Christian is the concept of the dream or desire to find your true love. In the flesh, it is illustrated in romantic love, that person whom you desire more than anyone else on Earth.

Not only do you hope to get all of them but your hope is that there never, ever be an interruption of your love relationship with them; the intimacy, the joy and the enjoyment of this person are not dying or uninterrupted.


You hope to explore everything that makes them tick…

… makes them who they are; unique and exciting and you can spend the rest of your time here on earth discovering new and interesting things about your beloved.

What if you don’t get to experience that here on earth? All is not lost!

Jesus is the ultimate object of our affection if we will receive Him into our hearts. If you want true love look no further. If you want perfect eternal love, look no further. If you want utterly satisfying and satiating Love, look no further.

I believe that when you go to heaven and you see Jesus for the first time you will completely understand and really know for the first time why God created you.

He created you to be loved and to enjoy Jesus for all of eternity.

Remember those days of longing here on earth, your pining to be connected to your soulmate. The fulfillment of that desire and dream is on its way.

You are just being prepared to enjoy it fully.

Oneness in Christ is possible for us in the body of Christ but ultimately no one needs despair if they feel deprived of marriage.

We will be one with Him, and also each other in heaven.

Wonderful hope!


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Greatest Thing About Being a Christian


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