How is Christianity Different from All Other Religions?

I had a thought this morning, I believe from the Lord.

How is Christianity altogether different from all other religions?

Well, God’s design of marriage displays or contrasts the differences the most. In a perfect marriage you have an intimate, personal, relational, fully satisfying union.

Only Christianity has this example of perfect union with God (Jesus Christ) and His children, the example being Christ and His bride -the Church, of which we are a part. 

The fact is that Jesus Christ loves you so much that he has done everything possible to set things right, to actually make you into a new creation suitable to be a bride (His bride), who would please Him and be completely compatible for Him – for us to be  conformed to His character and image, the perfect relationship, the perfect marriage for all eternity.

We get a taste of this, a glimpse of this type of a relationship here on Earth but in heaven we will discover the joys of perfect Union with the perfect Creative being of Jesus Christ, the lover of our souls.

Lord, please love on our souls to day. Amen


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How is Christianity Different from All Other Religions?

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