Let’s Meet for Coffee

Do you know how lucky we are, (and luck had nothing to do with it), that God became a man because of His wonderful mysterious love for us.

Try having an intimate, satisfying normal relationship with an infinitely powerful, all wise perfect gloriously Holy being.

We will be pondering aspect of our relationship with Him for the rest of eternity, but in the meantime, we need a God who came to Earth, who is about our size and who doesn’t mind sitting down with us in the morning and to a cup of coffee.

Yes. He wants to be that intimate, and I am thankful!


Let’s Meet for Coffee

Let’s Meet for Coffee

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Two Measures Foolish are a Christian Apologetics group of writers that write from a Christian Perspective and Christian World View using the Bible as our core.

We all travel on an individual journey on this planet earth that God has put into motion from the day we were formed in our mothers’ body. We all have deep questions that need to be answered. Why are we here? Is this all there is?

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