Heavenly Father: Can I Trust Him?

Heavenly Father: Can I Trust Him?

Heavenly Father: Can I Trust Him?

Imagine a parent is a really good, competent parent dealing with a child who for no good reason, distrusts the competency of the parent!

Put yourself in the place of that parent.

Let’s say you have 2 kids, ages 6 and 8. You provide a good safe home with structure and rules but still give them a lot of freedom to learn and yes, make mistakes.

You are years ahead of them in maturity and experience. You yourself have been hurt by a hot stove or a fall down a flight of stairs.

The parents have seen and understand consequences better than the kids (and it doesn’t change that fact no matter how much the children dismiss the wisdom of the patents).

I find that with our Heavenly Father; (yes, He is invisible but not His creation), we tend to distrust Him to a paranoid level about almost everything.

We can’t create life…

…but we have been given an environment where we can take care of ourselves by growing food, etc. In fact, in America, we have the ability to meet most of our physical needs abundantly.

But why do we not naturally trust and rest in God’s infinite love, power, knowledge, wisdom and intentions for us?

If we had the same level of distrust for our earthly parents, we would go crazy.

Now, some have bad, unreliable parents but even they can be depended on for some things. You might even find consistency in their inconsistencies.

But living in anxiety and fear with a lack of gratitude would be nuts if dad is wonderful.

I’ve seen people fight their parents to the death for the right to self-destruct choosing by an act of their will to give into irrational, insane sin and suffer severe sequences. And that’s even without the parent’s discipline as an excuse to rebel.

Humans have a bent to rebel, stubbornly resist guidance and instruction, and even help from God. They don’t believe He is good, at least their actions don’t show that.

Who is my Heavenly Father, and can I completely trust Him?

So, is God good?


Heavenly Father: Can I Trust Him?

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What’s the Point of All This?

What’s the Point of All This?

What’s the Point of All This? 

“The Lord will not allow the righteous (me in Christ) to hunger. (You, oh Lord, have met all my physical needs as I have never gone hungry.) But He will reject and cast away the cravings of the wicked (or wicked cravings not of His nature; those cravings from our flesh or sin nature).” — Proverbs 10:3


So far, I have spent 65 years in the world loving the world as I love myself and attempting to put myself or keep myself on the throne of my life. My natural inclination is to want to be God and call the shots. That may sound harsh, but it is true. 

Is your relationship with God like that of the relationship that Christ had with His Father? They have always had perfect love, unity and harmony. Jesus never went in a direction his Father didn’t go; neither willfully nor by accident. And Jesus willingly obeyed the assignment of his Father to the death.

Jesus was an example for us – the real example. His relationship with His Father in heaven was lived out in real human life.

He became a man like us yet without sin so that he could free us from sin, from the curse and from our separation of God (from death).

 What’s the point of all this? 

God loves us and wants us. He created us to be one with Him in love, to have absolutely no sin between us; that is, to have nothing that breaks our fellowship with Him … the intimate love. 

Something that brings me so much hope is to think about a perfect love relationship like the one Jesus and His Father had for all of eternity, a relationship that was only broken when Christ became sin on our behalf on the cross.

At that moment God literally turned His face away from His Son and that perfect intimacy of love was broken. Imagine the pain.  Many are aware of the emotional pain of divorce or separation of a loved one from death. Christ’s obedience did cost God a huge price.

It cost Jesus a huge price. 

Jesus and His finished work on the cross made it possible for us to be reconciled to God and begin a new relationship with God the Father that we were meant, designed, and created for; perfect love and unity and joy and pleasure in God Himself.

Jesus never looked to anything in the flesh or the world for His ultimate fulfillment. He always trusted this Father for all of his needs; love, peace, joy, patience, long suffering, kindness, etc. (the very nature and character of God).

What’s the Point of All This?

Author Randy Williams on one his long hikes connecting with God.

My leaning (my nature) is to look at absolutely everything other than my heavenly Father for fulfillment and significance and, yes, even pleasure and comfort!

Any area of my life, ever so small, can cause disharmony in my relationship with God. For example, what is the state of my heart? Is it hard and cold or is it soft and warm?

Jesus had a loving, warm, passionate heart of love for all of us who are separated from His heavenly Father. He is not passive or jaded or uninterested in others.      

Jesus came to save us from spiritual, physical and mental death.

If we become a new creation in Christ, we become like Him in purpose, love, and motivation and we take on a harmonious, obedient, servant heart and we do the Father’s will just like Jesus did.  

My new reality is that I can transcend the temporal, this world and the things of creation that constantly change or die or fade away; things that are only sustained by the power of God himself.

The new reality is that I can have eternal life with God in an intimate, loving, tender, caring, affectionate, yes, sweet, even passionate relationship with God.  There is nothing lukewarm or passive about God’s eternal love.

I want, I desire, yes, I even demand love eternal. Nothing else will do!

Give me Jesus or nothing else matters.

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What’s the Point of All This? 

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God Transforms His Bride

God Transforms His Bride

God Transforms His Bride

Imagine a baby girl, who is born to a diseased, drug-addicted mother and an insane homeless man.

This pitiful young girl from the slums, not particularly smart, has no chance in h*** of ever escaping her family’s curse.

Her life is destined to be a difficult obstacle course of suffering from very little hope at all.

Now imagine if you will, an extraordinarily beautiful, poised woman seated in a palace at a pure gold piano encrusted with jewels.

She has on the most beautiful gown in the Kingdom and her perfection is unequaled in every way.

The king and the royal court await her performance, and as she plays the music of heaven.

All are moved to tears, even the mighty angels. 

The king weeps…

…because is touched by the depth of her talent, but most importantly, the depth of her character. Her external appearance reflects her beautiful heart.

The king is deeply in love with her and intends to marry her, pledging his covenant, abiding love forever.

How did the baby girl, a poor wretch of a human being, born into sin, death, and destruction, become a bride, acceptable and perfect for a king? 

And how do we, born into the slums of a broken, sinful world, become the most glorious, perfect bride for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

This story is being played out right before our very eyes.

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God Transforms His Bride

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God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

Someone who finds a large, rare, priceless gemstone in the ruff waits patiently for the master stone cutter to finish the cutting and polishing.

In a sense, the realization of the extraordinary value of the stone is unchanged even while being cut and polished.

You can’t cut a Hope Diamond out of a pebble, right? 

You hope that this rare piece of stone will be cut correctly by the master to bring out the maximum beauty contained within. Only a well-experienced gem cutter can do this. In lesser hands, the risk is too great to destroy its potential.

And so, the possessor of the stone waits patiently for the final unveiling of the cut and polished gem; the only one of its kind.

The owner would be foolish to forget about the stone or lose sight of its value. He would be foolish to get bored as he waits for it to be finished or get distracted by knockoff gems or cut glass or inferior stones.  He doesn’t want to lose his “first love”.

The cutter has the ultimate stone. He doesn’t gamble foolishly to find another just as good. His mind and even his heart are set on this stone, and his hope rests in the master stone cutter’s skill.

The transformation is at the hands of the cutter.

Centuries of wisdom and experience give him the skill to know where to start cutting as he has a vision for the shape, number of facets, etc.

The owner puts his complete trust and confidence in Master Cutter. Waiting is waiting, however!  Perhaps the first strike took 1 year to plan. The risk of striking the wrong area of the stone great.

And as the owner waited that year, he may have been tempted by lesser stones of inferior value, but he would come to his senses and remember the value of the stone he was allowed to possess.

He knew and was convinced of the true value.

Christ Himself waits on the Holy Spirit to do this incredibly complex job of turning us into reflective gems for the glory of God.

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God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

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Greatest Thing About Being a Christian

Greatest Thing About Being a Christian

Greatest Thing About Being a Christian

This was written primarily from the point of view of a single man, never married. God saw that Adam needed a mate, a union of oneness. Of course, from the revelation of Christ, we see the ultimate fulfillment of this idea.

There are many lonely people in the world. Those who never met a soul mate, never married, divorced folks, even broken families, parents who haven’t hear from their children in years.

Thankfully there are many strong Christian unions.

But the very fact that the idea of a Disney fairy tale exists, the idea of finding that perfect soul mate humans have the need and desire to connect on a deeper level. Ultimately, none of us who trust in Christ will be deprived of that gift.

“Bless and affectionately praise the Lord, O my soul. And all that is deep within me, bless His holy name.” Psalms 103:1

I think the greatest thing about being a Christian is the concept of the dream or desire to find your true love. In the flesh, it is illustrated in romantic love, that person whom you desire more than anyone else on Earth.

Not only do you hope to get all of them but your hope is that there never, ever be an interruption of your love relationship with them; the intimacy, the joy and the enjoyment of this person are not dying or uninterrupted.


You hope to explore everything that makes them tick…

… makes them who they are; unique and exciting and you can spend the rest of your time here on earth discovering new and interesting things about your beloved.

What if you don’t get to experience that here on earth? All is not lost!

Jesus is the ultimate object of our affection if we will receive Him into our hearts. If you want true love look no further. If you want perfect eternal love, look no further. If you want utterly satisfying and satiating Love, look no further.

I believe that when you go to heaven and you see Jesus for the first time you will completely understand and really know for the first time why God created you.

He created you to be loved and to enjoy Jesus for all of eternity.

Remember those days of longing here on earth, your pining to be connected to your soulmate. The fulfillment of that desire and dream is on its way.

You are just being prepared to enjoy it fully.

Oneness in Christ is possible for us in the body of Christ but ultimately no one needs despair if they feel deprived of marriage.

We will be one with Him, and also each other in heaven.

Wonderful hope!


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Greatest Thing About Being a Christian


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