Marriage Mimic’s Our Spiritual Relationship with Christ

Marriage Mimic’s Our Spiritual Relationship with Christ

Marriage Mimic’s Our Spiritual Relationship with Christ

We see the promise of eternal bliss in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, illustrated in marriage, (your relationship with your wife), parent -child, and friendship.

We know the possibility of a perfect relationship without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.

We see this in the Eternal and unending joy that the God Father and God the Son and Holy Spirit experienced prior to the interruption of the event of the cross when Jesus became sin for us, and God had to turn his head!! 

That perfect eternal relationship was broken. 

Marriage is probably the most important illustration and teaching tool of what God is after in terms of His relationship to us. What I have been noticing is the complexity of being born into and raised by sinful, broken people who are not only imperfect but have a nature to be rebellious towards the very One who created them.

Marriage Mimic’s Our Spiritual Relationship with Christ

After salvation the Holy Spirit, God Himself enters in to our being and we began to experience a higher plane in terms of our relationship with Him. (Even the possibility of a perfect relationship with a perfect being).

In order for us to have an intimate relationship with God Our nature has to reflect the nature of Christ and through the blood of Christ God sees us as alive, not dead in our sins.

Without the life of Christ in us we are just like zombies. 

It certainly wouldn’t work to have a relationship with a dead person, physically or spiritually. Marriage seems to mimic our spiritual relationship with Christ in many ways. As successful healthy marriage is very godly (if it follows the same path of pursuit spiritually), In practical terms, all of the same things that would interrupt our fellowship with God can also interrupt a marriage.

For example, we have a supernatural enemy who is against any harmony and love and will do anything to destroy marriage. We have our fleshly desires and our selfishness which continues to try to put ourselves on the throne of our lives and certainly is only in love with self.

We have a multitude of distractions that continually causes us to wander off of that very clear simple path.  We have all pressures dealing with our human body; aging, health, survival, and safety.

The challenge in both relationships are real and seemingly unending.  Our blessed Hope is to be free from all that would come between that oneness. 

The minute by minute work is pruning out anything that comes between that.

Thank God for GRACE that comes down from the Father of lights saving us continually from ourselves.

It is easier for a small child to love. They don’t focus on the bad in a person.


Marriage Mimic’s Our Spiritual Relationship with Christ

Author Randy Williams

Author Randy Williams

I have written other blog post on marriage and God’s relationship to us. “God Transforms His Bride”

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What’s the Point of All This?

What’s the Point of All This?

What’s the Point of All This? 

“The Lord will not allow the righteous (me in Christ) to hunger. (You, oh Lord, have met all my physical needs as I have never gone hungry.) But He will reject and cast away the cravings of the wicked (or wicked cravings not of His nature; those cravings from our flesh or sin nature).” — Proverbs 10:3


So far, I have spent 65 years in the world loving the world as I love myself and attempting to put myself or keep myself on the throne of my life. My natural inclination is to want to be God and call the shots. That may sound harsh, but it is true. 

Is your relationship with God like that of the relationship that Christ had with His Father? They have always had perfect love, unity and harmony. Jesus never went in a direction his Father didn’t go; neither willfully nor by accident. And Jesus willingly obeyed the assignment of his Father to the death.

Jesus was an example for us – the real example. His relationship with His Father in heaven was lived out in real human life.

He became a man like us yet without sin so that he could free us from sin, from the curse and from our separation of God (from death).

 What’s the point of all this? 

God loves us and wants us. He created us to be one with Him in love, to have absolutely no sin between us; that is, to have nothing that breaks our fellowship with Him … the intimate love. 

Something that brings me so much hope is to think about a perfect love relationship like the one Jesus and His Father had for all of eternity, a relationship that was only broken when Christ became sin on our behalf on the cross.

At that moment God literally turned His face away from His Son and that perfect intimacy of love was broken. Imagine the pain.  Many are aware of the emotional pain of divorce or separation of a loved one from death. Christ’s obedience did cost God a huge price.

It cost Jesus a huge price. 

Jesus and His finished work on the cross made it possible for us to be reconciled to God and begin a new relationship with God the Father that we were meant, designed, and created for; perfect love and unity and joy and pleasure in God Himself.

Jesus never looked to anything in the flesh or the world for His ultimate fulfillment. He always trusted this Father for all of his needs; love, peace, joy, patience, long suffering, kindness, etc. (the very nature and character of God).

What’s the Point of All This?

Author Randy Williams on one his long hikes connecting with God.

My leaning (my nature) is to look at absolutely everything other than my heavenly Father for fulfillment and significance and, yes, even pleasure and comfort!

Any area of my life, ever so small, can cause disharmony in my relationship with God. For example, what is the state of my heart? Is it hard and cold or is it soft and warm?

Jesus had a loving, warm, passionate heart of love for all of us who are separated from His heavenly Father. He is not passive or jaded or uninterested in others.      

Jesus came to save us from spiritual, physical and mental death.

If we become a new creation in Christ, we become like Him in purpose, love, and motivation and we take on a harmonious, obedient, servant heart and we do the Father’s will just like Jesus did.  

My new reality is that I can transcend the temporal, this world and the things of creation that constantly change or die or fade away; things that are only sustained by the power of God himself.

The new reality is that I can have eternal life with God in an intimate, loving, tender, caring, affectionate, yes, sweet, even passionate relationship with God.  There is nothing lukewarm or passive about God’s eternal love.

I want, I desire, yes, I even demand love eternal. Nothing else will do!

Give me Jesus or nothing else matters.

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What’s the Point of All This? 

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God Transforms His Bride

God Transforms His Bride

God Transforms His Bride

Imagine a baby girl, who is born to a diseased, drug-addicted mother and an insane homeless man.

This pitiful young girl from the slums, not particularly smart, has no chance in h*** of ever escaping her family’s curse.

Her life is destined to be a difficult obstacle course of suffering from very little hope at all.

Now imagine if you will, an extraordinarily beautiful, poised woman seated in a palace at a pure gold piano encrusted with jewels.

She has on the most beautiful gown in the Kingdom and her perfection is unequaled in every way.

The king and the royal court await her performance, and as she plays the music of heaven.

All are moved to tears, even the mighty angels. 

The king weeps…

…because is touched by the depth of her talent, but most importantly, the depth of her character. Her external appearance reflects her beautiful heart.

The king is deeply in love with her and intends to marry her, pledging his covenant, abiding love forever.

How did the baby girl, a poor wretch of a human being, born into sin, death, and destruction, become a bride, acceptable and perfect for a king? 

And how do we, born into the slums of a broken, sinful world, become the most glorious, perfect bride for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

This story is being played out right before our very eyes.

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God Transforms His Bride

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Sing to The Lord A New Song

Sing to The Lord A New Song

Sing to The Lord A New Song

“Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous and wonderful things; His right hand His and this holy arm have gained the victory for Him.”  Psalms 98:1


In trying to approach God from my senses, as I live in this flesh, I try to bring You down to my limited sphere or do I need to be elevated, brought up to Your supernatural (spiritual) level?

As I try to relate to You primarily through my mind and physical senses they become too much of the focus. I can’t see you yet, not Your face that is.

I appreciate that You, oh God, You Jesus became a man and took on an actual human face and then You left this earth, Your physical face left this earth, but You sent Your Holy Spirit so that I could be with you 24/7 and You with me.

My thinking this morning is about love, yes love. It’s where I am for the time being.

Saying to someone that you love them is important and satisfying for both parties, but the old saying, “action speaks louder than words” is very applicable to our relationship to others and the Lord.

“I love you Lord”, but in actions, I love myself far more than I am aware of.

It’s easy to be blind to the extent of self-love. If I really, really love you and let’s assume it is a significant relationship like a spouse or parent-child relationship, actions not only expose the genuineness of the love but support the cultivation of that love. Something as courtesy sets the path.

A self-centered person acts…

…very lovingly as long as their expectations, wants, needs and self are being pleasured. Few stay in or began a love relationship that brings no benefits or pleasure. It is difficult for most to “stay” in love if their benefits are being deprived, (delayed gratification).

Hebrews 12:2 says, ” looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Talk about delayed gratification in loving another! First of all, if Christ had been merely a man, I doubt He would have endured all that He did for even delayed gratification.

When a new romance blossoms, the couple enjoys immediate pleasure. Endorphins are released and oxytocin levels generally increase. There is pleasure in the physical affection, the gaze upon the appearance, happy and immediately rewarding hormones.

Sing to The Lord A New Song

Sing to The Lord A New Song


If the love of Christ was based on these parameters, we would all be sunk. A perfect infinite being having any kind of relationship with sinful, broken, rebellious, stinky, and perfect beings, even with the price that He had to pay in order to make us worthy of his love and in practical terms, worth the effort.

What pleasure would you enjoy if you fell in love with someone who was impossible to love?

The object of your affection hates the things you love, has many lovers, responds only when it’s convenient and lacks even the capacity to love you back.

Does it make in a sense to humans that a superior being (infinitely wise) would bother to love us, even if his very nature is love? No! Not to us.

So why does He bother with us?

For the most part, if I were married and treated my wife the way I often treat Him I doubt she would be confident in my love, much less enjoy it. Doubt, fear, lack of trust, lack of common courtesy doesn’t make for a satisfying relationship.

The reality is that God redeemed us and sees the future finished you, perfect, perfectly lovable and enjoyable, without spot, wrinkle or blemish. We are being made into a compatible partner for the Son of God.

He deserves the very best. We are the troughed and we will be married to Him in the future. Only a perfectly lovable bride will do. And unlike Earth, this bride doesn’t grow old and wrinkled; she only becomes more beautiful, more and more like her infinite Creator. The pleasure, the joy, the perfect unity will never end, not even for a second.

And my last thought; no matter how beautiful on the outside the inward character and beauty, the reflection of God’s character is of paramount importance. Married to only physically beauty or someone that is ugly to the core is utterly unsatisfying.

Jesus will be satisfied with his bride.

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