Our Personal War in This Life

Our Personal War in This Life

Our Personal War in This Life

The truth is Jesus is with us and goes through life with us and we most definitely are born again into a journey that is akin to being in a war 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year until we die.

The nature of the war affects many or all aspects of a human, for example, fighting against an aging body by intentionally choosing to do helpful exercise, lifestyles choices and healthier eating.

These tests, these temptations and we see them, is to self-indulge in the pleasure of unhealthy food and drink, making it an idol and habit and losing the image of God on our bodies.

The enemy supplies all the tantalizing junk food and drinks that may give us a buzz and then the meds to keep us on life support as we kill ourselves.

Most fall for this trap unless we are like the Amish in Ohio, we are surrounded 24/7 with the sirens of gluttony the little drug of pleasure in food, the look, the romance, the connection to culture, being comfortable that are artificial tranquilizers to the needy brain.

Most fall for this trap unless we are like the Amish

This is only one area. Look at sensuality, sex and pleasure, false romance and intimacy, power, control and wealth, being our own gods and taking the glory from the true Creator and Savior of the world.

We are surrounded with the same destructive temptations Christ was presented with by His enemy and our enemy.

Talk about getting ourselves in a rock and a hard place!

He prevailed over the enemy’s temptations and now He walks with us into victory if we will follow him.

Self-denial may be one way out.

Take up your cross and follow me.


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Our Personal War in This Life

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Two Measures Foolish: Foolish to God for we sin – Foolish to the world for the cross.

There is Always Hope and Forgiveness

There is Always Hope and Forgiveness

There is Always Hope and Forgiveness

“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39 King James Version (KJV)


Everything, absolutely anything other than Christ and His love for us can be taken away at any moment on this journey here on earth.

Your soulmate, your spouse, your family, your sanity, your deepest and most enduring friendships, your earthly comforts, your physical security and I could list a million things.

But nothing can separate us from His love, no matter how it appears. He still loves you, is still in charge when He allows loss, difficulties, etc. In fact, He prayed to His Father about our stay in the world with all of its “minefields” of distractions.

Humans live in the world but are not out of the world and so live with all the junk, external and internal.

We live in mortal bodies that age and die and we are still connected to the old man, the flesh and its deathly desires.

We fail on every level…

…suffer consequences of our thoughts, choices, and actions. We battle the temptation to fill the voids in our lives with anything but the Lord Jesus Christ, and yet we are not separated from His love.

His love has won, is winning and will win no matter what it looks like. When we see His face someday down the road, we will see LOVE that never wavered or failed.

The fact that our sin breaks fellowship with His love, well that is a different topic.

His love allows us the freedom to rebel and fail, to resist Him or to seek Him. Even when we treat Him like dirt His love does not fail, and we are not separated for it.

There is always hope and forgiveness, no matter how bad you fail.

You are not separated from LOVE Himself.


There is Always Hope and Forgiveness

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Two Measures Foolish: Foolish to God for we sin – Foolish to the world for the cross.

Two Measures Foolish are a Christian Apologetics group of writers that write from a Christian Perspective and Christian World View using the Bible as our core.

We all travel on an individual journey on this planet earth that God has put into motion from the day we were formed in our mothers’ body. We all have deep questions that need to be answered. Why are we here? Is this all there is?

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Expectations and Uncontrollable Circumstances

Expectations and Uncontrollable Circumstances

Expectations and Uncontrollable Circumstances

After I had biked 16 miles on a paved bike trail that was perfect for seniors that goes from downtown Tucson up through Oro Valley to the base of Mount Lemon, I had to stop and reflect on a issue I had.

The first 8 miles I anticipated, which were all uphill, but because of the clear acceptance and understanding of the challenge I was, what I would say, emotionally stable and calm as I worked on reaching the goal of making it to the top. Conditions and challenge of this bike ride I accepted. I understood my limitations.

SO, the whole time up the incline I am thinking with happy anticipation the way down. It’s going to be a breeze coming back down the bike trail. I won’t even have to pedal.

And then, after making it up to the top, when I turned around at the 8-mile mark unexpected fierce wind, a ridiculous wind came up the valley. It was so strong I couldn’t keep my hat on.

Expectations and Uncontrollable Circumstances

Expectations and Uncontrollable Circumstances


I ended up having to pedal even harder going down the hill because the wind was so intense. Struggling against this invisible force I became increasingly irate, extremely angry and I don’t become angry very often.

And I realized that the source of my anger was my frustration and disappointment because the treat that I thought was coming from the second half of the ride, downhill biking, that was taken away by something that I had absolutely no control over.

You might say it was an act of God.

So how does one respond when your hopes, dreams and expectations are stopped mid-stream because of uncontrollable circumstances?

Did I have an intrinsic right to my expectation?

I believe if I had been there with a friend, I would have treated them to a very uncomfortable display of angry outburst.

In life we expect some hardship and anticipate those breaks where we can coast downhill but alas, life is not “fair” most of the time.

Peace comes from Christ if we can give Him our rights, hope’s, dreams and expectations and trust Him even while difficult circumstances would cause us to rage inside.

Does God owe me? NO!


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