Loving an Invisible God is Challenging

Loving an Invisible God is Challenging

Loving an Invisible God is Challenging

I was has encouraged to write about things that God may be speaking to us about, current movements of the heart and mind.

I want to approach this in my way.

C.S. Lewis wrote a wonderful book on the 4 loves and I am sure thousands of books have been written on Christian love, but I have questions; questions many may ponder but never speak out loud to anyone.

We have theological answers to why God loves, and many scriptures that express truths like, God is love.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

One of my questions is, “why do You, Infinite God, love me?” By faith I believe He loves me, but why? I can’t say my human mind can comprehend it.

We usually can give reasons to why we love people on earth and Christians choose to love those they have few reasons to love. They call that Agape love, an act of the will to love, the love supplied by God Himself.

Loving an Invisible God is Challenging

Loving an Invisible God is Challenging


We could all come up with a list of attributes we find appealing in people, things that make us naturally love them. That’s easy. It could be simply biology or chemistry or shared interests, right? Some even are I a state that they find little to love in anyone. We all do well at “self” love.

But why do you, the Creator love me? Do I even really know what that means? I’m not sure many of us understand how an infinite being would find that much redeeming in most of us to send his Son and die for us.

So, let’s think about the design of mankind. We are created in His image, so I suppose He sees aspects of His being in us. We are descendants of Adam and nothing else was created in His image. Christ became a man, a perfect man. I can understand how God loves His Son. That makes sense, just like loving your very own child.

And He has commanded us to love Him with all of our hearts, soul mind and strength. I don’t know about you, but loving an invisible God is challenging for many Christians including me.

But I guess even those I love the most here on earth are still mysteries to me, ever learning and getting to know them, observing them over time.

But this extreme love He asks for… ALL Our Love. How does this come about? I’m sure it’s an act of grace, He supplying even that love, but why can’t I grasp it?

So, I had a special gift from God. He allowed me to see a person from His creative point of view, the way He designed this person. It was a more compressive view of His design that I’ve ever seen or been allowed to see.

Loving an Invisible God is Challenging

It’s happened a few times with a couple of people…

…but not to this extent. Imagine seeing the Palace behind the very tall wall protecting it. Part of His design for this human, the design created before creation was shone to me. Most of us are so incomplete we just the mess of contradictions.

Our weaknesses and faults, sins, frailty are easy to see, and certain positive personality traits can be seen with most, but from His eyes, we all have a perfectly lovable design. Yes, He has designed you to be spectacular, spectacularly lovable.

He gave me a glimpse of a finished person, and the extraordinary value of that person from His eyes, and in turn the reality it must be true for all mankind. He sees us as we rarely can see ourselves finished in Christ.

And if I could see so much in a person to love, such lovable traits and giftings it only makes sense that He sees me finished to His to the specifications of His design, a unique reflection of His glory and therefore, He does find many, many reasons to love me and fellowship with me in intimate love for all eternity.

I can be confident that He, infinite God desires me, even to the point of being a jealous God.


Loving an Invisible God is Challenging

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