Solomon Moment with God

Solomon Moment with God

Solomon Moment with God

If I had a Solomon moment with God what would I ask for?

II Chronicles 1st chapter.   

Selfishly and with complete honesty, if You Oh Mighty God , were to come to me in a communication of Your choosing, and ask me what I wanted more than anything else on earth, and that You also would grant me that deep heart desire (and I acknowledge that my wants can be motivated incorrectly by my flesh or influenced by the world or the enemy).

I can honestly say to You right now, that I want to be possessed by Your Son, Jesus Christ. 

I want to have the deepest possible love relationship with Him, so intimate, so fulfilling that nothing else in the universe would hold any appeal and to have a secret place with Him.

To know His presence and out of this love relationship His good flowing out of me, my life for Your higher purposes and glory.  

Solomon Moment with God

That I would be transformed from my closeness with Him, to see Him as He is.

To gaze at His beauty, to be spellbound by His infinite character attributes, to enjoy Him every moment, to see what He does and follow and obey. 

I am already in outer darkness when I am away from Him.

Nothing else really matters. My existence doesn’t matter.

It is all vanity and vaporous. 

This is what I would ask for, to feel His heartbeat.


Solomon Moment with God

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