God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

Someone who finds a large, rare, priceless gemstone in the ruff waits patiently for the master stone cutter to finish the cutting and polishing.

In a sense, the realization of the extraordinary value of the stone is unchanged even while being cut and polished.

You can’t cut a Hope Diamond out of a pebble, right? 

You hope that this rare piece of stone will be cut correctly by the master to bring out the maximum beauty contained within. Only a well-experienced gem cutter can do this. In lesser hands, the risk is too great to destroy its potential.

And so, the possessor of the stone waits patiently for the final unveiling of the cut and polished gem; the only one of its kind.

The owner would be foolish to forget about the stone or lose sight of its value. He would be foolish to get bored as he waits for it to be finished or get distracted by knockoff gems or cut glass or inferior stones.  He doesn’t want to lose his “first love”.

The cutter has the ultimate stone. He doesn’t gamble foolishly to find another just as good. His mind and even his heart are set on this stone, and his hope rests in the master stone cutter’s skill.

The transformation is at the hands of the cutter.

Centuries of wisdom and experience give him the skill to know where to start cutting as he has a vision for the shape, number of facets, etc.

The owner puts his complete trust and confidence in Master Cutter. Waiting is waiting, however!  Perhaps the first strike took 1 year to plan. The risk of striking the wrong area of the stone great.

And as the owner waited that year, he may have been tempted by lesser stones of inferior value, but he would come to his senses and remember the value of the stone he was allowed to possess.

He knew and was convinced of the true value.

Christ Himself waits on the Holy Spirit to do this incredibly complex job of turning us into reflective gems for the glory of God.

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God the Master Cutter of Our Gem

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