Extraordinary God Engineered Encounter

Extraordinary God Engineered Encounter

Extraordinary God Engineered Encounter

Just had an extraordinary God engineered encounter with an older, clean cut, brilliant, intellectual Christian whose focus sees “every spot, wrinkle and blemish” in modern churches, all pastors, all Christians, and the whole educational system in America.

Apparently, the Reformation was the only valid Christian age. He sounded so much like me.

He likes the same old preachers from the 1800’s, etc.

He no longer attends any church and doesn’t disciple anyone (I doubt anyone would be worthy of his guidance).

Statement after statement he spouted and, not arrogantly, by the way. He said nothing I haven’t said or heard from some of my friends say multiple times.

He was older than me.

So many similarities and yet he is lonely, not knowing that he is a prisoner of his intellect and spiritual discernment.

He can’t accept the world as it is, thus without seeing it or knowing it, he is unable to save anyone drowning because the water is too polluted.

A divine appointment with the man whom I could easily evolve into if not for the grace of God.

Extraordinary God Engineered Encounter

I challenged him strongly, emphasizing that ultimately this is about an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, the Lover of our souls, and our Lord is the one who jumps in the dirty, polluted waters, over and over again to rescue the perishing.

Lesson; get over yourself and focus on loving Jesus and others.

Amazing that God would bring a different version of yourself to Starbucks for a personal lesson in wisdom.


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Extraordinary God Engineered Encounter

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