A Letter to A Friend

A Letter to A Friend

A Letter to A Friend

As I was praying and asking GOD to help me to be the father and man that everyone sees in me, but I don’t see myself most times; I was instructed to pray immediately for you.

I know hard times in my life even though now is not the time to get into the grizzly details of me as the person of yester-man: the person you wouldn’t want to know but was fun to party with.

Anyhow- the Lord sent word to you & me.

Be strong and courageous and do all you can to stand and fight with the weapons that I have given freely to you!!

Be strong and courageous because I AM THE LORD fights for you!

Before the battles have even begun…

…I knew what and where you’d be at this time and in the exact place where you are now! Don’t you remember that before your spirit took flesh that you and I agreed to this life and time that you’d have the free will I gave you!?

Stand and fight! Be strong and courageous because the battle has already been won!

There are no weapons formed against you that can prosper because you are MINE! I THE LORD fight before you and the battle is MINE!

Be the courageous warriors I have called you to be at the end of times! Shine the light you have been given through ME to all and stand! And before you’ve done everything in your power to stand-come and stand beside ME; with MY glory illuminating all things around you and me!

There is no hardship that is given to YOU without an escape; there is nothing that THE LORD gave my children that I know they can’t handle.

A Letter to A Friend

A Letter to A Friend


Just as you give your children certain tasks to learn; I also do for MY children. The difference is MY tests are always to bring your character to perfection, to make you the warrior you were meant to be. MY tests are of a deeper relation to get rid of earthly things that in the Heavenly Realm can’t or shouldn’t continue in your own life so you can be the spiritual gladiator you were meant to be!

You were meant for greatness and reflect the glory of my son to a dying and dead world. Do not allow yourself to become infected with the short-sighted world’s wisdom. It’s not from ME.

In the worst part of the storm, in the 11th hour of desperation, when the whole of the world melts away from you. when all other men’s hearts become like melted wax and all other strength perishes and doom seems imminent on all and every front that you turn to.


I THE LORD will never leave you or forsake you!!

Seek ME continually, especially in your time of great peril, I always hear you because I THE LORD am carrying you through these times! You are MY son by adoption you are MINE!

I LOVE you son!

This message was given to me on the way to work as I was driving and in prayer for many things in my life and family and also for many of my brothers and sisters in the LORD.

I know this to be the truth for you because it was the truth from OUR FATHER, which also makes it equally pertinent to me and my own life!

Anything worthy of the truth stands equally for the speaker. If I don’t live what I speak then I am a hypocrite to the worst degree. These words were for me to be encouraged by as well.

We are well-loved by many people in our lives and most of all the MOST HIGH GOD! What a blessing to have trials that work us to perfection!

How easily we forget that this is only temporary, a condition for a while that we endure in a fleeting moment of our short lives!

GOD waits patiently for us to call, let us not let HIM down!

Your friend,


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A Letter to A Friend

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