What I Know and Absolutely Believe

Things I absolutely know!


1.) I am not in charge of this world – our place in space, the laws of physics – I am not God, I don’t control countries, political parties nor evil or good in this world.

I am not You God! I know however I can look in Your direction and cry help.


2.) I get very sad about what I see in the world – or what You allow me to see – I see so many lost people in many hopeless situations hurling out into eternity.


3.) I know I need to know You Jesus! I need to be extraordinarily close to You!

I need Your fellowship, Your way of thinking, Your mind, Your discourse, Your thoughts, ideas, truths, opinions (if one can say God has opinions?), and to know the revelation of Your heart.


4.) I know nothing here on this Earth offers Your stability, security, sanity, safety, tender love or consistency – day after day, year after year.

Your love is real, and if needed, You wait patiently for a man’s lifetime to see the benefits of Your love and receive them by faith as our own.


5.) I am convinced, I know that I am bent to reject You and look in other places for fulfillment, satiation, purpose, significance, identity, pleasure, joy, peace, safety, treasures, and love.


6.) ONLY YOU – I know only You offer eternal love through Jesus Christ and His work on the cross. It began and was finished on the cross, an eternal work of reconciliation and salvation.


7.) I know it appears to me a very complex, difficult thing to grow into a stable relationship with You. We are battered on every side by our flesh, our darkened minds, selfish choices, Satan and his demons and the swift current of the world into which we are born.


8.) I know I have gone away from You many times – pride separated me from You – and I am guaranteed to fall when I allow pride to reign, to rule, to color or define my truth (the truth that I show I that I believe by my thoughts, feelings or actions).


9.) I absolutely, positively know I like the idea of “the manifest presence of God” coming down to His children, of revival in the church, of powerful spiritual life instead of musty Christians living their lives partially in a darkened spell of worldly influences.


What I Know and Absolutely Believe

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